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I’ve decided to use Pathfinder as the system, given my familiarity and knowledge of it. I’ve also decided to set it in Golarion, specifically the city of Kaer Maga, which is located in Varisia.

Character creation rules
House rules
Sketch-Up video of Kaer Maga

The city itself is ancient, even by modern standards. When the Empire of Thassilon came to Avistan over 10,000 years ago the Runelord of Greed discovered the large hexagon perched at the edge of the Stoval Rise. The inhabitants at the time informed him the city was named Kaer Maga, a title which predated even them.
The Runelord filled the city with less favourable inhabitants, and it steadily grew in population. When the apocalyptic event of Starfall occurred the wards of the city were broken, and its inhabitants were free to leave as they wished. The city survived Starfall largely intact, and became known as a safe haven.
Being known as a safe haven, perched atop a massive cliff and surrounded by desert, meant that the chance of invaders was extremely low. This sparked Kaer Magas rise over the years, as a safe and largely accepting city that was reliable, if more than a little odd.

Kaer Maga is a city of different races, religions, ideologies, and people. It features Trolls that will perform divinations with their won entrails if the price is right. Assassins that are available for hire, so as to deal with those pesky business partners that won’t sell their shares to you. The banks are largely run by the churches of Asmodeus and Abadar. Slaves are sold openly in the streets, while they’re broken free behind closed doors. Most of the upper class have reanimated corpses to perform manual labour, while those of the top percentile purchase Constructs who do the same.
It is a city where anarchy and order have danced together for the last 8000 years, neither quite getting the upper hand on the other. While there is currently a ruling council, and has been for a long time, it is comprised of neighbourhood leaders, who battle with each other over whatever gain in power makes itself available.

Maybe it’s all of these reasons, some of them, or none of them that have drawn you lot to Kaer Maga. Maybe you’re on the run from a seedy past you hope yourself and others forget. Maybe you have spent your whole life in Kaer Maga, trained by the Assassins on how to make quick and precise kills. Maybe you’re just passing through, and have hopes of pulling the odd job or two to fill up your coin purse before you depart.

Whatever the reason, Kaer Maga is accepting of everyone, and is a city of growth, with an abundant amount of jobs for the enterprising adventurer, or the fool hoping to make some quick coin. And so it came that you were offered your first job within the city…

No one knows who carved the Cyclopean faces that perch on the cliffs below the city of Kaer Maga, gazing sternly upon the lands of Varisia below. Some say these visages depict the legendary Runelords of Thassilon, while others claim they represent deities far more ancient than the upstart Gods of modern Avistan. Their depths are still unplumbed, their mystery still unsolved, for when you venture into the mouth of a God, who knows what you might find?

The Godsmouth Ossuary is a crypt that occupies the area below Kaer Maga. The Clerics of Pharasma are extremely secretive about it, traditionally forbidding anyone other than the members of the church and the honoured dead from entering. Few things are known by those not associated with the church about the crypt, but the biggest piece of knowledge is that the crypt itself predates the Church of Pharamsa, dating back to when the Empire of Thassilon first discovered Kaer Maga, and likely before.

In spite of this tradition, the church of Pharasma has recently lifted this ban, and made it known they are seeking those brave (or stupid) enough to venture into the depths of their crypts. Whispers around Kaer Maga indicate the church is having a serious issue, a rumour that the church doesn’t seem to deny.

You have expressed an interest in delving into the depths of the Godsmouth Ossuary. Maybe you’re a scholar, seeking information left behind by the ancient Runelord empire. Maybe you’re a representative of the church, privy to what exactly is going on in the crypts below. Or maybe you’re some schmuck looking to pay his debts before his legs are broken. Again.

Godsmouth Heresy

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